A love of learning inspires two Adult Learners’ Week Awards

Assistant Practitioner Lisa Holmes and Education and Learning Facilitator Karen Dutton from Carlisle have both been recognised in the 2016 Adult Learners’ Week Awards for their hard work and dedication to learning and development!

Lisa has won this year’s Career Progression in Health and Care award while Karen has received a highly commended award for Supporting Learners in Practice.

Adult Learners’ Week Awards celebrate the power of lifelong learning in Health Care across the North West. They recognise individuals’ commitment to developing their skills and knowledge, allowing them to provide the best possible care. 

Lisa Holmes started her career as a Healthcare Assistant and is now an experienced Assistant Practitioner. She said: 

“My own learning journey dramatically transformed me from a shy and quiet member of staff to someone who will challenge when necessary and who is always willing to support others. As I gained in confidence I became a better person treating patients more holistically. 
“I have recently embraced a mentoring role and I feel just amazing to be able to help others. I love to see the reactions of colleagues when they achieve something, I am proud to be contributing to a more knowledgeable workforce, enabling the best possible care.”

Karen Dutton, who was also Lisa’s nominator, said: 

“Lisa has used and shared her skills and knowledge to enhance the care of others and all the while provided a constant reminder to colleagues how important learning is for not only professional development, but also in contributing to staff wellbeing self-esteem and confidence. 
“She has utilised her love of learning to support others and to influence good practice in any role she has undertaken.”

Lifelong learning is key to ensuring the Trust’s services are of highest quality and the Trust is dedicated to ensuring that the opportunities for learning are available to staff. Karen has been recognised for her role within this and explains why she believes it’s so important:

“Being able to support and inspire others, like Lisa, to reach their full potential and aspire to be more than they thought possible is the greatest feeling. Effective support for learners in practice can develop inspirational and motivated staff, which inevitably leads to the highest quality care for patients.”

The benefits of learning are much wider than developing new skill sets as Karen went on to explain:

“Learning isn't just about training, but people being supported to believe in themselves. It’s as much about our health and wellbeing as being competent in our work.”

Suzanne Hamilton, Head of Organisational Development and Learning and Karen’s nominator said:

“It’s fantastic that Karen has been recognised for all her hard work supporting others across the Trust, particularly Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW). Karen’s dedication and enthusiasm has made a real difference, she’s been an inspiration to many.”

Lisa and Karen will receive their awards on 16th June at a glitzy ceremony to celebrate all that learning can achieve and encouraging everyone to look at putting learning at the heart of what they do.