Better Care Together receives new funding for 2017/18

The Bay Health and Care Partners – the 11 organisations working together to deliver the Better Care Together strategy – have welcomed the notification of further funds through the national Vanguard programme for 2017-18.

For the 2017-18 financial year, we will receive £4.7million, allowing the programme to focus on a number of priorities, including:

  • Working even more closely together across health and care – further developing the Bay Health and Care Partners
  • Working with local populations on their priorities – through Integrated Care Communities
  • Reducing the number of people needing to attend hospital and increasing the numbers receiving care closer to, or in their home

Samantha Jones, Director of the New Care Models Programme said: “The vanguards are making great progress and have already made a tangible impact on the lives of patients and the working lives of staff. 2017/18 is a crucial year for the vanguards, in particular how we further spread their work across the wider NHS and care services. This funding, as well as the support we offer to them, will help them to continue to move at pace.”

Already our local programme has seen:

  • The widespread introduction of Advice and Guidance, which, when used, has reduced by a third the number of referrals to hospital outpatient departments.
  • The launch of an ophthalmology community scheme which in its first two months has seen almost 1,000 patients treated at their local opticians
  • The launch of a new type of partnership - Integrated Care Communities – between the local NHS and care organisations and the communities they serve. Public meetings have been held in Kendal, Carnforth, Millom, and the East of Cumbria and further launches are planned across south Cumbria and north Lancashire.

Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust said: “Since the programme began, we have been working together as a partnership to transform healthcare services in Morecambe Bay. This further announcement is a vote of confidence in our local programme to deliver the change that our local population want to see.

“Our challenge in the coming year will be to make the priorities we have set out in our plans a reality, showing that our new approach to collaborative working reaps rewards.”

Andrew Bennett, Chief Officer, NHS Lancashire North Clinical Commissioning Group said: “By working together Bay Health and Care Partners are already producing solutions for sustainable health and care services that meet the needs of the local population, now and well into the future.”