Celebrating joined-up therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) play a phenomenally important role in helping people to carry out every day activities that many of us take for granted.

The difficulties people face can be because of a physical or mental disability and Occupational Therapists can help in innovative way to inspire people to achieve their goals . They work across health and community settings and thanks to a new county wide Occupational Therapy Network, health care and Adults Social Care organisations are working more closely together.

This week’s event aims to bring Occupational Therapy  professionals together from across  Cumbria to learn from each other and celebrate the great work that’s going on across the county. Working in partnership is allowing a county wide approach to providing the best possible care for service users  and making sure that they really are at the heart of care and support.

There will be a range of speakers, including Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for NHS England, as well as practical workshops and demonstrations. 

Janet Folland, Professional Lead for Occupational Therapy at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: 

“Being able to share the way we do things and celebrating our work is really important. We have some amazing Occupational Therapy staff In Cumbria with great ideas. It is by celebrating this that we can become an area of the UK that people want to come and work.

“We’re really excited to welcome Suzanne to Cumbria and showcase the great work that we’re doing, we hope that we inspire her to tell other parts of the UK how they can learn from this. The event will allow teams from across the county to meet face to face and by joining up with the university we will introduce potential new recruits to the great opportunities in the area.” 

The event will run over two days (14 and 15 July) at the University of Cumbria and has been organised in partnership between: 
•             Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
•             University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay
•             North Cumbria University Hospitals
•             Cumbria County Council
•             University of Cumbria
•             CLIC