Service Update

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trusts services and staff are working hard to deal with the severe disruption caused by flooding across the county this weekend.  We have been able sustain staffing in all of our community hospitals and mental health inpatient units and make contact with vulnerable patients in the community.

Dr Andy Brittlebank, Medical Director for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said

“Because of the significant disruption, we are running essential services only – unfortunately all routine appointments provided by the Trust for community services, mental health services and children’s services have been cancelled for the next 24 hours (date).  Our staff are contacting patients to explain this. Urgent clinics are running as normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience however we have made this decision in order to support urgent cases and to help ease the pressure on other areas of the NHS and transport system.  We will review this again tomorrow (Tuesday 8th December)

Community services staff are prioritising patients for visits according to need and have been able to reach patients requiring urgent attention with assistance from mountain rescue where required. 

Community mental health teams and crisis teams are continuing to keep in contact with vulnerable adults to ensure they are safe.

We are advising staff to come into work as normal as long as they are able and it is safe for them to do so. 

We are very grateful to our staff who are letting us know if they are able to offer extra help or if they have been affected, this is helping the coordinated response as all agencies continue to make sure people are safe.

The dental centre at the Cumberland infirmary is down due to power failure.  This has affected our sterilisation supply across the county therefore emergency dental care is affected across the county. 

Dental direct is operating and can be contacted on the following numbers: North Cumbria – 01228 603900 South Cumbria – 01539 716822