Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust celebrates improvement plans

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust recently held an event to celebrate the latest successes achieved by our staff throughout the Trust as part of the “Listening into Action” and “Great Teams Great Care” programmes.

Improvements include a new flow chart created by Kendal District Nurses which has made mental capacity assessments much quicker to complete. This is being supported by the Mental Health care group who are increasing the confidence of staff members that carry out the assessments through additional training. The Infection Prevention team also successfully completed a case study to showcase their plans to update the community hospitals care pathways which will help staff to manage and prevent the spread of common infections.

Lynn Marsland, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development for the Trust, said:

“The event really showed how dedicated our staff members are to making changes that will ultimately make a big difference to our patients, as well as to the way teams work together. We got to hear about some of the ideas that have been actioned by the improvement projects, adding to the positive changes already evident throughout the Trust as an outcome of these programmes. It was also a great opportunity for those that have just launched their own schemes to get ideas for the future.”

Dr John Howarth, Director of Service Improvement and Interim Deputy CEO for the Trust, said:

“By encouraging our staff to act as experts in identifying change and innovative ways of working we hold the keys to a robust and transformative service for the future.”

As part of the Trust’s commitment to encourage greater involvement and engagement with our staff, Listening into Action (LiA) was introduced in 2014. It encourages staff to take ownership for identifying areas for potential improvement, then enables and supports them to realise the benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and service improvement. The Great Teams Great Care programme was introduced throughout the Trust in 2016, focusing on improvement through team working,  to engage  teams and  encourage them to work together to build stronger working relationships.

The event was held at the Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency in Penrith on Wednesday 12th October and was attended by over 50 people.