Dementia awareness week: Annual bake off gives food for thought

Staff and patients across the Carleton Clinic site in Carlisle are being invited to join in the annual Bake off as part of their dementia awareness celebrations.


The event always proves popular and promotes inclusion among patients some of who are living with dementia.


Faye Atkinson, an occupational therapist explained:

“Basically, the inter ward bake offs have always been successful in  the past as they have proven to be great way to get for staff and patients to participate in something on an equal level and promotes a sense of social inclusion (and a healthy competitive spirit). Given these benefits, we believed this would be a great opportunity to get people together and promote dementia awareness throughout the Carleton clinic site.”


The Bake-off is being judged during the afternoon tea which is being held at the Carleton clinic canteen and again is inclusive of all.  There will be live music and the reminiscence themes for the tables reflecting music and dance through the decades


Louise Cuthbert, also an occupational therapist at Carleton clinic said:

“People of all ages relate to and enjoy music making it a universal language of sorts.  For individuals with dementia music can improve mood, reduce stress, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function and –co-ordinate motor movements.  Most people associate music with important events and a wide range of emotions, the connection can be so strong that hearing a piece of music long after the event can evoke memories.  The value of enjoying music in the here and now should also be recognised.

She added:

“We have deliberately made this an event for the whole community at the Carleton clinic site, inclusive of people with dementia.  It is hoped by providing an inclusive social event like this we are showing how people with dementia can live well and make a valued contribution to the communities they live within.”


As well as the bake off staff will be on hand with information about dementia, with leaflets from the Alzheimer’s  society, and will have areas with reminiscence theme.


The Bake off takes place on Thursday 19th May 2016