Dr Vanderpol takes Cumbria Headache Forum to Amsterdam

Dr Jitka Vanderpol, Consultant Neurologist at the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has been invited to present the Cumbria Headache Forum at the Allergan Inaugural International Expert Meeting in conference in Amsterdam in February.

Dr Vanderpol said “I am delighted to be asked to be able to showcase the work of the forum. Patients have benefitted from improved access to the service, better outcomes, reduced demand on emergency services and improved self-management and healthy life style.”

The forum was established in 2013; and are held regularly to provide a free educational platform for patients and professionals, providing them with knowledge and necessary skills, empowering them to take an active role in management of often debilitating pain/headache.

The group focus on, identifying triggers, pharmacological treatment, therapeutic  approach including self-management, relaxation techniques, mind fullness exercises, lifestyle balance, stress management and diet. The sessions are run and chaired by Dr Vanderpol, invited are specialist and therapists with expertise and interest in headache field from in and outside of Cumbria.

The forum is free and open to all patients and professionals supporting patients with headache and migraine. It aims to improve access to medical professionals with an expertise in the headache field. Patients have had to travel to London, Newcastle or Preston for treatment in the past.

The next forum will be at Up Front Gallery, Unthank, Penrith CA11 9TG on 14th April 2-4pm.