Easter opening times

BEFORE BANK HOLIDAYS: Ahead of the Easter Bank Holidays we ask patients to be prepared and make sure that they have any repeat medication they might need as GP surgeries will be closed during this time. NHS111 will direct out of hours care across the county.

For many services, urgent cover is provided in the evenings and weekends normally, therefore people are asked to be sensible and only contact NHS111  if they have an urgent problem which cannot wait until their GP surgery reopens. This can be accessed by dialling 111 from any landline or mobile phone.

DURING BANK HOLIDAYS: Hospitals and Cumbria Health on Call Services (CHOC) can experience a high number of patients and we are again urging everyone to think before visiting A&E or calling NHS111.

Please be mindful of the following if you or someone you care for need to visit an out of hours service or centre:

  • Ring first. Please do not walk into a busy out of hours centre as patients who have telephoned first and poorly patients will take priority.
  • Do not attend a centre if you have symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea. Always ring NHS111 for advice first.
  • Regarding Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) - The GP out of hours service needs to be able to reach poorly patients quickly. If you can wait for advice from your own surgery then please do.
  • CHoC cannot offer a repeat prescription service. This must be arranged with your own surgery. If you do run out of important medicine please ring for advice but to prevent this happening try to ensure you have a good supply before the Bank Holiday.
  • GP out of hours services will be very busy, only telephone if you have urgent needs. There may be delays ringing back with advice and appointment times. Do not keep re-contacting the service unless your symptoms have become worse.

A&E, Emergency Dentistry, Minor Injuries and Primary Care Assessment services are available in Cumbria:

Mental Health Emergency

Please visit our How to get help guide for more information. Or contact NHS111

Accident & Emergency Services

North Cumbria University Hospitals - Emergency Services (North Cumbria)

Cumberland Infirmary CARLISLE / CA2 7LT (Sat Nav: CA2 7HY) - Ground floor, Red zone. A&E can be accessed from inside the main hospital or from a separate entrance outside. Parking is available across from the A&E entrance.    

West Cumberland Hospital WHITEHAVEN / CA28 8JH (Sat Nav: CA28 8JG) - Level two. The entrance to A&E is well sign posted as you drive into the hospital. There is a patient drop off zone and two disabled parking bays.

University Hospital Morecambe Bay - Emergency Services (South Cumbria)

Furness General Hospital BARROW-IN-FURNESS / LA14 4LF (Tel: 01229 870870)

Minor Injuries Departments

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - Community Services (Cumbria-wide)

Emergency Dentistry

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - Specialist Services (Cumbria-wide)

Emergency Dental Care

Access to emergency dental care during the day for patients without a ‘registered’ dentist (including tourist to the area) who require urgent dental care is available. During the week day evenings and weekends callers who require an appointment for emergency or urgent dental care across the Cumbria should contact Dental Direct, who would complete a telephone assessment and if appropriate would arrange for an appointment.

Locations of Specialist & Special Care Dentistry - Please do not visit without a prior appointment (call the contact number for Dental Direct)

Sexual Health and Contraception Services - Cumbria Sexual Health

Emergency contraception is available from some pharmacies. (Please ring pharmacies to confirm opening times)

Pharmacy opening times

The Trust Lloyds pharmacy service in Carlisle is open from 10am to 4pm on Good Friday and Easter Monday, and  10am to 12noon on Easter Sunday 

For health advice, you can visit the NHS website at www.nhs.uk/asap. NHS111 are available by calling 111

Finally, a reminder to families and friends visiting loved ones in our hospitals - if you have experienced vomiting or diarrhoea in the past 48 hours, you should not be visiting the hospital; as germs associated with these symptoms can spread.

Many thanks and Happy, Healthy and Hopeful Bank Holiday.

* All information correct at time of publishing Wednesday 23rd March