Former nurses urged to look no further if they want to return to practice

Former nurses living in the Morecambe Bay area are being urged to look no further than their local NHS if they want to return to practice.

The 11 health and care organisations – the Bay Health and Care Partners - which form the Better Care Together programme across Morecambe Bay have joined together to help direct any former nurse wanting to return to work – signposting them to roles available across the NHS in the area.

Letters have been sent by the Nursing and Midwifery Council to more than 4,000 nurses who are no longer practicing across Cumbria and Lancashire as part of the national “Return to Practice” programme, and any nurses who wish to work across the Bay area are asked to get in contact with a central team in the following ways:

Phone: 01524 518676

Joann Morse, Deputy Chief Nurse at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, one of the 11 Bay Health and Care Partners, said:

“Any nurse who is interested in returning to practice locally can contact us and we can direct them to the most appropriate roles that are available within our partners.

“Locally the NHS is working together to provide support for nurses wanting to return, and we are working across our organisations. There are jobs available in the community, in GP surgeries, in mental health and in our hospitals, so we would urge anyone interested to get in contact.

“Nurses sometimes take a career break – or take up another career. However they are still nurses and with a specially-designed short refresher course, they can be back helping the public across the area.”

Any nurse who is not currently working in the NHS and who wishes to explore coming back to practice can get further information by contacting the central team. The Bay Health and Care Partners have also launched a joint recruitment website to attract people to the NHS in the area. This is available at: