Health Visitor and School Nurse shortlisted for National Award

A Health Visitor and School Nurse from Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have been shortlisted for Universal Health Visitor and School Nurse of the year after being nominated by colleagues for a Community Practitioner and Health Visitor Association award.

Both are based at Flatt Walks Health Centre in Whitehaven and received emails in January to say that their colleagues had nominated them for an award and recently got confirmation that they had been successfully shortlisted.

Amanda Hulse, Specialist Community Public Health Practitioner in School Nursing for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:

“When I received the email to let me know I’d been nominated, I emailed them back to check they’d sent it to the right person.

“Then to receive the email to say I’d been shortlisted for School Nurse of the Year award, I was in total shock.”

When asked how they both felt about being nominated by colleagues Amanda said:

“It’s really nice to know that your work is being noticed and acknowledged by managers and colleagues.

“We are both very passionate about our roles and feel that were doing nothing more than is expected of us in our jobs.

Helen Westwood, Specialist Community Public Health Practitioner in Health visiting for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust then added:

“In the last year the Trust has gone through a big cultural transformation and because of this we feel that we are now being encouraged to challenge change and are supported within our roles to do this”

Both Amanda and Helen hope that if they were to win School Nurse of the Year and Universal Health Visitor of the Year awards it would help raise the profile of the work they are both currently leading on. 

Helen said:

“If I was fortunate enough to win Universal Health Visitor of the year, I hope that this would help highlight the importance of the current project I’m leading. I am working on improving bereavement care for families affected by stillbirth or the death of a baby by introducing evidence based guidelines for health visitors.”

Amanda then went on to explain what it would mean to her to win School Nurse of the Year:

“If I were to win, I would hope that this would highlight that practitioners within a small team can still make a big impact.

“Due to the rurality of Cumbria, we’re not often in the spotlight for leading practices, but hopefully if we were to win these awards, we would raise the profiles of the outstanding projects and practises within the Children’s and Families teams and Cumbria Partnership.”

Helen added:

“Winning these awards would not only be a personal achievement for us, but an achievement for our team as we all work together every day to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.”

Sara Munro, Director of Quality & Nursing at Cumbria Partnership had this to say about both Amanda and Helen being shortlisted for such prestige’s awards:

“This is fantastic news that two of our staff, Amanda and Helen have been nominated and shortlisted for national awards in school nursing and health visiting. Not a surprise after all I hear about them from the children and families care group.

“I wish them both success and fingers crossed they both come back with the awards. They both truly deserve them.”

Amanda and Helen will find out at an award ceremony in London on 8th April if they have been successful in winning their awards.