IT Invest in Cumbria’s People

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have brought their IT service in-house and now directly employ over forty IT staff negating the need for an expensive out-sourced support solution.

Through this the Trust will benefit from over £1.4million cost savings over the next five years to be invested in healthcare technology improvements.

Prior to this 64% of the IT support service were contractors. By directly employing and managing staff in house the Trust can re-invest the £1.4m savings into technology improvements that will transform healthcare across the region. The IT team sit within eHealth Cumbria (the Trust’s support service that enables clinicians to use technology for the delivery of patient care).

eHealth Cumbria are using information & technology to support safer, effective and more efficient care. Over the next 18 months the Trust will have a new resilient IT infrastructure, an improved IT support service, Electronic Patient Records and a new way of business reporting that enables clinicians to transform services through technology.

Ian Waterhouse, Head of IT said:

“The Cumbrian health economy is changing as it increasingly relies on technology to support the delivery of healthcare.
“The benefits of insourcing were plain to see. On top of the cost savings, by bringing the service in house it means that we can be more responsive to the needs of patient care across the county. “Local people understand our regions complex needs and by employing a local workforce the team appreciate the real benefits that they are delivering for healthcare in their community.
As part of the in-sourcing we have ring fenced funding to re-invest in our staff to continue their development. We also have two apprenticeships on offer at the end of this month.”

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