Looking after your sexual health over the festive period

It’s easy for people to forget about their sexual health when in the midst of all the festive fun but NHS professionals want to remind people to stay sexually safe this Christmas.

NHS sexual health services are advising people to practise safe sex during the festive season to avoid contracting any sexually transmitted infections or unintended pregnancies.

Matt Phillips, Sexual Health, Clinical Director at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust adds:

“During the festive period we all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves and often our sexual health and wellbeing can be put to the back of our minds. There’s usually a lot of socialising and a party or two this time of year which is why we want to remind people to be sexually safe and prepared.

“It’s important that if you use a daily contraceptive to make sure you have enough to last you during the Christmas period and always be prepared for unplanned sex. If your contraception fails, or if you have unprotected sex over Christmas make sure that you know where to get help. Many people think “I’ll do it tomorrow” when they are busy over the festive period but timing is essential for the effectiveness of the treatment you may need to take. For example if you think you have been exposed to HIV you need treatment within 72 hours and emergency contraception is to be taken within 120 hours, but the sooner the better for both.”

“If you require support when clinics are closed please go to your nearest pharmacy or call NHS 111”.

Pharmacy opening times can be found here.[add link]

Opening times for sexual clinics ran by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust during the Christmas period are as follows:

  • Week commencing 17th December: All clinics as normal
  • Week commencing 24th December: No clinics 25th December or 26th December.
  • Week commencing 31st December: No clinic 1st January. All clinics return to normal from 2nd.

CPFT clinic information can be found here.