Medical expertise is being brought into the classroom by specialist tutors

Two doctors from Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) will bring their expertise into the classroom for both the current and next generation of Cumbria’s doctors.

Dr Chandi Idampitiya, who is a consultant in diabetes and endocrinology and Dr Adam Joiner who is a consultant psychiatrist have both been appointed as specialist tutors in the Medical Education team.

Dr Chandi Idampitiya is the new Medical Education Physicians Tutor:

“My role is to lead and support continued professional development and peer supervision of specialist’s and children’s services in the Trust by helping contribute to education, quality and safety.

“I have been a consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology for the Trust for over four years and I am delighted to join the department of Medical Education, which provides an excellent opportunity for professional development and leadership.”

Dr Adam Joiner, Psychiatrist comments: “I have just been appointed in my new role as consultant psychiatrist for the Community Mental Health Team in Barrow-in-Furness.  My new role within the Medical Education department is to help develop greater educational research awareness for the psychiatry tutors, as well as leading in new research and development projects for the medical education department in psychiatry.”

Both doctors will continue working in their consultant clinical roles for their departments.

Dr Sam Dearman, Director of Medical Education for CPFT said: ” I am very happy to have both Dr Adam Joiner and ‎ Dr Chandi Idampitiya join our teams.”

“Chandi will be improving the quality of development support in areas of our Trust that don't yet have access to what they need but also expand opportunities for more students and postgraduate trainees in the Trust.  When the trust took over responsibility for community services developmental support for the various specialist doctors was not in place.  Chandi will first focus on producing in house teaching programs and peer review forums.”

“Adam will work to make us all more aware of the most up to date educational research, meaning the education we practice is evidenced based.  He will also begin a stream of original educational research projects such as educational environment analysis and educational assessment tools for trainers here in Cumbria.”

“The appointment of our new tutors in Medical Education represents a land mark moment, expanding the quality and volume of the work we do”. 

These new roles will promote high standards and co-ordinate  many aspects of medical education to ensure good medical practice.”