More awards for Trust’s mental health units

The Kentmere ward at the Westmorland General Hospital has been awarded the Full Monty award from the organisation Star Wards.

Star Wards is an organisation that aims to inspire those staff working in a mental health setting to develop new activities that aid in promoting recovery for patients. The award requires teams to develop and implement 75 new ideas to benefits patients living in a mental health ward. This is the fourth mental health unit in the Trust that has received the Full Monty award status.

The art room was one of the areas the team developed by installing a large white board which has been used a sort of graffiti wall for patients to be creative and helps them express themselves through writing and art work.

 One of the patients from the ward said: “I really love the art room, it is the central hub of the ward, and we can hang out and chill in there. It’s always bright and sunny and I enjoy using the graffiti wall to write poems and the painting activities.”

Rachel Latham, Occupational Therapist for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust who coordinated new ideas for the ward said: “We have been working hard over the past few months to achieve the aspirations set out in the 75 domains that make up the Star Wards award and it is great to see all of our hard work has paid off.

“When working with the framework of the 75 domains we looked at what we had already in the ward and it was clear we were already. However, it also gave us the opportunity to create new ideas to benefit our patients.”

Margaret Quinn, Ward Manager at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “We looked at the existing activities and ideas being used within the ward and ways to enhance our existing good practice. We then focused on areas that could really help our service users. A few things we created included creating a new job role for an activity coordinator, a graffiti wall for patients to express their feelings and a vegetable garden amongst the 73 other ideas!”

Nic Highman from Star Awards presented the staff at Kentmere the award and said: “The star awards are equivalent to that of an Oscar award within the mental health field and it is a brilliant achievement to receive the award. It was great to visit the ward and to meet all the staff patients too. I particularly liked the graffiti wall and tree of hope ideas which were part of the new innovations to the ward.”

The Kentmere ward is an inpatient mental health unit helping patients with mental health problems recover.