New Governors Elected to Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Governors Council

The newly elected public governors for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have been announced.

The successful candidates were elected by members in their geographical area, or achieved a place uncontested. They started their term on 1st October 2013. In total there are currently 29 governors who represent different parts of the county.

The Governors Council represents the views of local people to the Board of Directors and advise on issues such as priorities for forward planning.

Mike Taylor, Chairman of the Trust said:

‘The role of Governors in our Trust is critically important. They provide the vital link to the community we serve through the members who elect them and I and the Board of the Trust are accountable to them for our conduct of the business of the Trust. So I am delighted to congratulate the re-elected and newly elected Governors on their successful elections, recognising the range and wealth of skills and experience they bring to the role and am much looking forward to working with them in the future.”

The Governors also have key responsibilities including the appointment or removal of the Chair and Non-Executive Directors and approving the appointment of the Chief Executive.

The Governors Council holds meetings which are open to the public throughout the year and works with the Board of Directors in carrying out their key functions and responsibilities.

Head Governor, Jane Smith said:

“As Head Governor, and on behalf of the entire Governors’ Council, may I extend a warm welcome to all newly appointed Governors and say a big thank you to all who applied.  We are looking forward to working together to amplify staff and member voices future developments of the Trust.”

The newly appointed governors and what they have said they can offer are as follows:


Brian Earley.  He said:Excellence is only guaranteed when everyone feels “cared for"my emphasis is people not ticking boxes.”

Barbara Hepburn. She said: “As a full time carer I have a unique insight into the partnerships between patients and local health care professionals.” 

Paul Lee. He said: “To ensure the quality of care provided to service users develops through improvement and is not affected by government cuts.”


Dr Brian Scroggie (re-elected). He said: “Since being a governor I have learnt a lot and hope to continue to use this knowledge for another term.”

Lynda Alderson. She said: My work involves me in all aspects of healthcare giving me a holistic insight into the NHS at all levels.”

Dr Arthur Paynter. He said: “I have over 20 years experience in community health, and passionate about improving health & wellbeing.”


Neil Robson (re-elected). He said: “I am an experienced Governor and have already made a very positive contribution to the work of the Trust.” 

Kerry-Ann Lister. She said: “I am passionate about the care and services for the public, and I would like to try to make improvements.”


David Galloway (re-elected). He said: “NHS services face enormous financial and professional challenges. Our Trust needs experienced governors with a track record of successful service.”

Tim Hodges. He said: “I have a passionate interest in the NHS which is fundamental to the well-being of our society.”

South Lakeland:

Jim Bradley (re-elected): He said: “I will champion two-way communication and nvolvement, countywide and especially for South Lakeland, to influence development of pragmatic services.”

Lesley Flood (re-elected): She said: “I love South Lakeland and believe its residents deserve the best possible Community and Mental Health Services.”

Stephen Johnson. He said: “I’m passionate about delivering the best possible services when and where patients need them.”

Colin Ranshaw. He said: “Having been a patient and employee of the NHS I care about the superb service I can help it deliver.”

For more information about each governor please visit our Trust Website: