Nurse Led Treatment Service opens at Maryport Community Hospital

People in Maryport will be able to access a Nurse Led Treatment Service at Maryport Community Hospital from today (Monday 2nd November).  It’s the new name for the minor injuries unit.

Although the GP surgery has been providing a service during hours, the out of hours part of the service has been closed since June 2015. The extended service will now reopen under a new name, which better reflects the care and treatment provided at Maryport.

The service will continue to offer the same care and treatment as the previous unit, between the hours of 9am-7pm Monday-Friday and 11am-7pm Weekends and Bank holidays.

David Lewis, Associate Medical Director for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust explained: “After undertaking research into why people access this service, we realised that the name ‘Minor Injuries Unit’ did not accurately reflect the services provided. The main reasons people seek treatment are for wound dressings and minor cuts/grazes. We want patients to be receiving the right care, in the right place at the right time. A Nurse-Led Treatment Service will meet the needs of the local community in a timely manner, and by appropriate nursing staff.”

You should access the service if you are aged over 5 years old and need:

  • assessment and treatment of bruises or recent injuries that cannot be attended by simple first aid, insect bites and stings or minor sunburn
  • assessment and dressings of wounds and superficial injuries
  • closure of lacerations by stripping/gluing

For conditions that cannot be treated by the Nurse Lead Treatment Service people should continue to access healthcare services such and GPs, Pharmacies and Cumbria Health On Call Out of Hours.