Patients celebrate Penrith Day Hospice on film

Compassion, humour and listening are some of the words used to describe the day hospice at Penrith Community Hospital in a recent series of films celebrating the care the patients receive.

The five films feature patients who have all been referred to this palliative care service. They explain the support the Penrith Day Hospice provides and how the staff and other patients make a difference to their lives at a time of illness and uncertainty.

In one a patient said:

“I think, well I know, it does give people that special lift at this point in their lives that they really need.”

Another patient explains how he can talk to people about his cancer, people who understand because they are sharing the same journey. This is mirrored by a second patient who shared;

“My husband doesn’t even know [how it feels] but when you’re sitting with people that do actually say yeah I know, and they do actually know it makes all the difference.”

Sheena Reid, manager of Penrith Day Hospice at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) explained why she and local arts organisation Eden Arts made the films:

“Through the eyes and voices of patients and volunteers, we want to highlight the care provided at Penrith Day Hospice. We hope that the films will encourage people, from Penrith and the surrounding area, to consider a referral to the service.

“We also hope to reach the wider community to gain their support in volunteering and in other ways. We are so grateful to those patients and volunteers who have taken part in the filming and have explained so well what we do here.”

The project was created by Eden Arts who worked with Lloyd & Colman to create the films and the project was funded by Cumbria County Council and Arts Council England.

The films were entered into the Cumbria short film competition. Artist and Eden Arts Director Adrian Lochhead said:

“We were really pleased to work with the Day Hospice as part of our ‘Artists Being Useful’ project, which sees us engage with organisations and local authorities to demonstrate how artists and culture can make the world work better, beyond the commonly understood idea of artists ‘decorating’ the world.

“Tom and I spent some months attending Penrith Day Hospice getting to know everyone, trying to work out what it would be that we could do or make, what our creative intervention would be, the outcome were these short works, designed for today’s catch it quick world, each of them telling a story in a minute, short story on film if you like, a ‘flash’ documentary. We made good friends with everyone at the day hospice and we are sure that’s not the last of our interactions!”

The films can be viewed and shared from the CPFTs YouTube channel; they are also available on the CPFT Penrith Day Hospice webpage here.

Penrith Day Hospice is located on the grounds of Penrith Community Hospital in the Day Service Unit. It is run through CPFT and is open to patients and their families every Thursday from 10am until 3pm.