Self Care Week: Make the most of your NHS

During Self Care Week  Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) want to remind you about why it’s important to choose well when accessing local health services, so that everyone can get the best out of the NHS.

It is important to make the most of the range of NHS services available to you and choose the right health service for your health needs.  There might even be something you can do for yourself first, especially when it comes to minor ailments or injuries such as, colds, flu, sprains or strains.

Dr John Howarth, Director of Service Improvement for CPFT comments:

 “With the rising pressures on health services locally t is important that people understand what they can first do for themselves before accessing health services.

Most people are very capable of looking after themselves most of the time, self-treating when it’s safe and knowing where and when to seek help when they need it.  However, there are 3.7m visits to A&E for self-treatable conditions such as flu, colic and sprains which adds to pressure in the health system.”

Before you visit A&E, remember what it’s there for.  It provides vital care for life threatening emergencies, such as loss of consciousness, suspected heart attacks, breathing difficulties, or severe bleeding that cannot be stopped.  

If you have a cold, flu or sore throat, ask yourself, do I want to spend 4 hours in A&E or should I call NHS 111, look-up the NHS website or could I ask the pharmacist first?

Self Care Week is running from the 16th -22nd November and aims to raise awareness about how you can best care for yourself and others in order to maintain good health.