Sharing our amazing staff stories

We have been overwhelmed with examples of how our staff of all professions have gone over and above to support one another and to support our patients and communities. Here is a selection of those stories:

Amazing team work from NHS Staff

A spirited team health visitors and school nurses from Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have been helping support flooded communities in Cumbria.

The team in South Lakes and Furness have been out visiting local children and families who have been affected by the floods in Kendal. They have been giving expert public health advice relating to the impacts of the flooding and offering their support to the community.

The team are working with children’s centre providers to give children who  lost their homes a safe, family friendly place to go during the day. They are also giving safety advice to families still living in flooded properties and other local B&B’s and hotels.

The teams are now adapting their work pattern to meet the needs of the families as they come to terms with the effects of the floods as they will require careful advice and continuing emotional support for many months to come.

This fantastic team have gone over and beyond their daily roles and have been adapting their services to meet the needs of the public as well as publicising key health messages and liaising with other agencies such as county council, red cross and voluntary groups.

There are a number of helpful information documents to support families affected by the flooding available which the team have carefully sourced and devised. These are found on the Trust website

Student nurse shows enormous dedication to her profession

One of the Trusts student community nurse grabbed her work file and her staff uniform above any other personal belongings before leaving her flooded home.

This dedicated student called her manager in a panic worrying she would lose her place on her course but she was reassured every bit of support would be given to her. Her manager even bought some essential bits and pieces to keep her going and is linking with other departments for further support.

Canoeing to work:

The Trust has been told of an incredibly selfless member of the Mental Health team who canoed to work after house her was flooded.

Support for nurses affected by the flooding.

Queens nursing institute has offered it support to all nurses in the Trust who have been personally affected by the flooding.

Handy guide developed

The communications team developed a handy tips guide for staff affected by the floods with information regarding everything from legal advice to how to clean photographs and how to access the Cumbria flood volunteer service.

Christmas party change of venue!

Neurology physiotherapy team in Carlisle have given up their Christmas party and going to volunteer at the Hebron Church handing out hot drinks & foods to vulnerable people.

Staff messages:

Network manager Carlisle dental team: I am so proud of the dedication and professionalism of my community teams over the last few days, during some very stressful and emotional times. Staff have kept going and pulled together enabling us to deliver essential services to our communities. We truly have some wonderful people in Cumbria, I am very blessed to be part of such a wonderful and passionate team. #SpiritOfCumbria

Community Psychiatric nurse: Staff in Copeland and Whitehaven have been working tirelessly, helping colleagues and clients to get over the devastation caused at the weekend. It's lovely to see everyone pulling together and supporting each other

Community nursing lead: Our “Amazing People ” have proved that they really are AMAZING. So proud of my team who went over and above to support our patients and each other…& keep going however tired they are, they just keep giving that bit more!

Thank you messages received:

As dedicated as ever – better prepared than before.

I would like to thank all the Cockermouth health care staff who continued to work throughout the flooding to benefit our community; many volunteered and all worked beyond their duties to serve their patients. Our new hospital and health centre proved its worth; power, communications, medicines and medical records were all secure and available throughout the weekend.

Nursing staff who were able to travel in stayed throughout the period to care for inpatients. Castlegate Pharmacy was dispensing emergency supplies of medication until 10pm on Saturday. By Sunday morning the pharmacy and dispensary was backed up by volunteer GPs, nurses and admin’ staff. One pharmacist had walked in from Brigham to help and we were able to supply essential treatments including cardiac drugs, anticoagulants, morphine and even tube feeds to evacuated patients.

Our thanks to the shops and other services who allowed us to display posters on Sunday advertising our emergency surgeries to patients and carers who don’t use social media.

Under its skin your shiny new building has a soul - the healthcare team who have worked beyond their duties and will support our community in the difficult months ahead.

Simon Desert, GP Cockermouth

Thanks following my rescue:

After working in Cumberland House the latter part of last week with the applications team, I decided to stay over in Carlisle to finish off my Christmas shopping and have a few Christmas drinks with some colleagues etc.,

 After my rescue experience from my B & B in Warwick Road, Carlisle from which I was evacuated via boat with the coastguards and mountain rescue, then put in a police van to get warm and dry, was then evacuated by the Army and taken to a place of safety in the local Richard Rose Academy. I would like to thank all the services that helped me in my hour of need in Carlisle early hours Sunday morning.

 The Doctors and nurses were just outstanding and gave up their free time, they made sure I was checked over at the rescue centre and I was provided with warm drinks, food and support, I was also assured my regular medication would be available should I have required it.

 My heart goes out to all my colleagues and the people in Carlisle and the surrounding areas, the devastation is just unreal. I was eventually able to get back home to Barrow in Furness via Gummer How early evening.

 Thank you all for your kindness and colleagues messages of thoughts and support in my hours of need. It is really appreciated.

Kathrine Preston, Applications Training Officer

 Radio Cumbria:
There have been numerous phone calls into Radio Cumbria thanking NHS staff for their tireless support especially as some of them have been effected themselves.  In particular the Community Nurses.

 Donations stories:

  • Various NHS staff including CPFT Community teams, GP’s and Dental staff at the Cleator Moor Health Centre have  pulled together to raise more than £100 to buy urgently needed items required by those affected by the floods. 
  • A member of our district nursing team who was on annual leave this week has given up her time to help families in the Penrith and Keswick areas of the county.
  • The Trust has also set up a number of donation points where staff have donated items to the flood appeal:
    • Carleton Clinic (Reception & Inglewood)
    • Maglona (Reception)
    • Wigton Hospital (Reception)
    • Voreda (Reception)
    • Millom Hospital (Reception)
    • Kendal (Garburn House - Rachel Hogg)
  • The Trust has set up a Just Giving page to donate to the flood appeal and has raised nearly £500 in a matter of days. Staff can donate here
  • One of the Trust suppliers, The Deb Group, came to the call of our lead infection prevention nurse this week and has sent supplies of pocket gels and table top hand sanitisers products to the collection centres in Penrith, Carlisle and Cockermouth. The centres were all very grateful to receive these for the individuals, family, friends and volunteers involved in the clear up.
  • Our RiO providers (Servelec) held a cake sale and raised £155 (then donated an extra £500) for the floods.