Supporting our nurses with revalidation

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is supporting their registered nurses – who make up nearly half the workforce - to ensure they continue to practice safely and effectively.

Every three years, at the point of their renewal of registration, nurses will need to meet a range of requirements and provide evidence to demonstrate that they practise safely and effectively. This is called Revalidation and will be introduced from April 2016.

Alison Brown, Deputy Director of Quality and Nursing, said: “Revalidation is a brilliant opportunity to raise the profile of nursing across the Trust. We are linking the revalidation process into the yearly appraisal system to ensure nurses are up to date with the revalidation requirements expected and this is also an opportunity to discuss individual progress and development.”

The Trust employs over 1,700 nurses in an organisation of 4,000 staff. The Trust will be working closely with nurses to ensure they fully understand what revalidation means, what they have to do, and provide the support and training they need throughout the process.

Nurses are expected to be gathering evidence to support revalidation from October 2015. The trust has purchased an online portal from the Nursing Times to support nurses to gather and store their evidence. This portal also provides access to up to date, evidence based training which provides easy access to evidence of professional development.

A revalidation workshop recently took place, with a number of Trust staff members invited to learn more about the process. Alison said: “The workshop highlighted the purpose and importance of revalidation for nurses. Everyone enthusiastically participated in the session which was fantastic, especially with the amount of positive group engagement received.”

Kath McBride, Specialist Team Manager, who will be required to revalidate, said: “The revalidation workshop has given me a good framework to move forward with, I now feel I know what is expected of me and it is reassuring that the Trust is going to have mobile electronic portfolios available so we can easily note down our reflective practices.”

More workshops are planned in October taking on board feedback from the first session.