Vanguard recognition for Millom Model

The national director in charge of overseeing new models of care within the NHS has expressed how excited she is about the work going on in Millom.

Samantha Jones, Director of the NHS Vanguard programme said she had goose bumps when she spoke to a delegation from the Millom Alliance at a recent awards event.

The Millom Alliance is an innovative partnership between the community in Millom and the NHS.

The NHS Fab stuff awards celebrate excellent work in the NHS. Claire Muir, on behalf of the Millom Alliance, entered a production performed at the Beggars Theatre in Millom called ‘Sick’. This was developed to raise awareness among school children about how to use the NHS properly.

Claire said:
“It was a huge honour to meet Samantha and when we were talking about all the work that was taking place in Millom she said she had goose bumps, which is a great boost for the Alliance.”

Jakki Moore, writer and performer from the Beggars Theatre in Millom said:
“The NHS Fab Stuff awards were exactly that, 'Fabulous'. What a great event to celebrate and recognise all the work put in by a variety of people involved in our NHS. The entertainment was just brilliant and the afternoon was lovely with an opportunity to meet people from around the country.

“It was great to meet Samantha Jones and tell her about the work we have been doing in Millom, she was particularly excited about the ‘Sick’ play!”

Teaching children how to use health services effectively is in line with the Vanguards 5 year forward view and new care models aiming to make health, care and support services more accessible, responsive and effective.

Dr John Howarth, Director of Service Improvement, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The NHS has 1.3 million staff so be in the national final for the ‘NHS Academy of Fabulous Stuff’ is really something. Well done to Jakki and the team at the Beggars Theatre and all the schools and children that took part. Working with communities like this is a key part of our Better Care Together programme across Morecambe Bay.”

On the day the ‘Sick’ play was shortlisted for the Picalilley award after receiving Roy Lilley’s weekly award for the most inspiring fab stuff story.

Café Inspire, a café based at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Headquarters staffed by students from Eden Mencap in Penrith was also shortlisted for the Picalilley award along with the Rosa Parks award. This award celebrates bravery to reject mindless conformity and find a new, inspiring and effective means of doing something.

The Academy of Fab Stuff allows staff to share their local ideas and boast about the good stuff that happens in the NHS every day.