Six senior medics appointed to Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Pictured above is Dr Raj Verma.

Six senior medics have been appointed to Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust over the summer to lead its clinical services across the County.

Dr Craig Melrose is the new Associate Medical Director for the Trust. Craig said: “As a Cumbrian and a practising GP I really want to see our local NHS services to deliver the very best possible care for patients. The community services sit at the centre of our NHS and are vital if we are to achieve the aim of ensuring people are as happy, healthy and as independent as they possibly can be.  

I am excited about my new role as Associate Medical Director at this very pivotal point for our local NHS and hope that my experience as a GP combined with the experience of working with patients and NHS colleagues all over the county as Medical Director at CHoC and with NHS England will all help me to make a positive difference.

Dr Raj Verma has also recently joined the Trust as Associate Medical Director/Paediatric Lead for the Children and Families care group. Dr Verma adds: “My vision for my new role is to ensure good governance, support the clinical teams to optimise their potential to excel in all areas and establish a collaborative approach towards innovation and transformation. I am keen to strengthen further patient  involvement in shaping services in order to ensure good patient outcomes and experiences, and I am ardent in seeking support from all stakeholders and listening to any advice to achieve my vision and always welcome any ideas or constructive criticism. I will be building on the excellent work started by Dr Wendy Rankin.

The Specialist Care Group is excited to welcome four new consultants to their teams. Matt Phillips has joined the Sexual Health Team; Amy Gadoud the Palliative Care Team, Muhammad Asam the Diabetes team and Steven Wilkinson has joined the Learning Disabilities team.

Matt Phillips said “I’m delighted to have joined the Sexual Health Team. The Trust’s values all have a resonance with my own and I particularly like ‘spirit’ – that feeling of drive and doing things like you mean it!

Claire Molloy CEO from CPFT said “I’m really delighted to welcome these colleagues to our Trust. I know that each of them has a great contribution to make to our teams and to the patients we serve. We have an ambition to attract the best professionals to work in our services and I’m confident that these clinicians are outstanding.  I would also like to welcome Dr Craig Melrose as Associate Medical Director for Community Care Services.”

Dr Andrew Brittlebank, Medical Director said: “how welcome these new colleagues are, but this is only a start on the work we have to do to attract more doctors, nurses and therapists to Cumbria”. 

Pictured below is Matt Phillips