South Cumbrian Health Visitor is awarded ‘Breast Friend Award’

Local Charity, South Cumbria Breastfeeding Support, has announced Helen Mbaye, Health Visitor from CPFT the winner of their first Breast Friend Award.

This new award is made to a Health Professional in South Cumbria, who has been nominated by a mum for having made a significant difference to her breastfeeding journey.  The Breast Friend Award has been launched to highlight the importance of breastfeeding support from Health Professionals, and to thank Health Professionals for the work that they do in supporting mums to have the breastfeeding experience that they want to have.

Helen Mbaye was nominated by mum, Charlene, who said:

“Helen has been supportive, friendly, knowledgeable, and empathetic and has played a significant part in my breastfeeding journey. Her support for breastfeeding has had a domino effect on my life - giving me confidence. The confidence to enable me to feed in public, making me feel proud of myself for being able to do so. With Helen's advice, I was empowered to trust my body, my son, natural instincts which empowered me to stand up to other people’s opinions.

“My son had severe colic from two weeks of age until 12 weeks. With this, it made feeds demanding, I was exhausted. Without Helen's support, I don't know if my breastfeeding journey would have continued. Another reason for this is, because I am known predominantly by most as a young mum. I was 20 when I gave birth and most people my age could not understand why I wanted to breastfeed. With Helen's guidance and up-to-date, accurate knowledge I was able to explain the benefits of breastfeeding for my child as well as myself and change the minds of others.

“With Helen's support, I am still able to feed my son who is now 16 months old. She has given me confidence in myself, to be able to stand up for myself which, before, I don't think I would have been able to do so. With this support she's added an incredible impact to my breastfeeding journey as well as my self-esteem.’

Emily Henry, Integrated Team Manager and Helen’s line manager said:

“It is great that Helen has been recognised for her commitment to supporting mums and babies with breast feeding…Helen goes the extra mile to provide expert advice and guidance when there are difficulties as well as championing the baby friendly initiative in all areas of her work.”

The judging panel felt that this nomination showed, in a very powerful way, how providing support for a mum to breastfeed can have a much wider effect in the mum’s life, building her confidence and self-esteem. South Cumbria Breastfeeding Support would like to thank Helen Mbaye, and all our local Health Professionals for the work they do in supporting mums to breastfeed.

South Cumbria Breastfeeding Support runs free drop-in groups in Kendal, Ulverston and Windermere. Full details are on their website