Specialist Services - You and the Big Picture Launch

Specialist Services Care Group launched You and the Big Picture to some of their staff this week in Penrith and Whitehaven. Other areas have events planned and all staff are encouraged to attend. An online resource pack has been developed by Chief Executive Claire Molloy and the senior leadership team that brings together all of the work we are doing, our plans for the future and how you and your team can contribute and make a difference.  Tim Evans, Cathy Hay and Clare Parker talked to staff about The Big Picture and what it means for them. Group work covered challenges faced by staff and positive areas of work. At the first event on Monday we calculated that there was 358 years of experience in the room that we need to use to help us plan for the future. Feedback was positive and staff said “the session was a good open session that allowed our team to have a voice about our service. It was interseting to find other services have similar opinions”. Some other comments were; staff felt positive that changes are being made, a great deal of energy and ambition in the room, raised understanding what the care group is and what they hope to achieve.