Spring is here, clear out your old walking aids

Physiotherapists in west Cumbria are encouraging the public to use a spring clean as an opportunity to uncover and return any walking aids they no longer need. 

Walking aids, such as crutches and zimmer frames, are loaned to patients but are often not returned. Fiona Wright, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, explains:

“We’re using the start of spring to launch a new campaign that will encourage the public to return any walking aids that they no longer need. They might have put them away and forgotten about them but a spring clean is the perfect time to uncover this equipment and return it to be reused.”

Reusing walking aids can save significant amounts of money. In 2015 west Cumbrian physiotherapists saved over £4000 with a similar recycling mission that encouraged the public to return equipment. Fiona added:

“The response to our previous campaign was fantastic. We saw a large amount of equipment returned and saved a substantial amount of money as a result. We hope that a renewed drive to raise awareness will see similar results.

“There’s sometimes confusion about what can and can’t be recycled and where to take it. We can recycle metal walking sticks, zimmer frames and elbow crutches but unfortunately we can’t recycle wooden sticks.”

Should anyone have any walking aids that they no longer need, please return these to your local physiotherapy department, between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Any queries please contact the Physiotherapy department at the West Cumberland Hospital on 01946 523636.