Staff report improvement in recommending CPFT as a place to work or receive care

Staff at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) are reporting a significant improvement in recommending the organisation as a place to work or receive treatment and are feeling more engaged by the organisation according to the NHS staff survey results published today.

Among the largest improvements experienced over the last year is staff recommending the Trust as a place to work or receive treatment with 75% staff saying that care of patients is my organisation’s top priority compared to 58% in 2014, placing the Trust as better than average when compared with trusts of a similar type.

There has also been an encouraging increase in the number of staff saying that they have had an appraisal in the last 12 months (75% last year, 84% this year).   Appraisals were well received with 78% of staff saying that their appraisal left them feeling that their work was valued by the Trust (a score in the top 20% for the sector).

59% of staff would recommend the Trust as a place to work (up from 49% last year); and 70% would be happy with the standard of care for a friend / relative (up from 61% last year).   These scores are both well above average which is positive.

The staff survey results are based on a sample of Trust staff who were randomly selected to take part in the survey. 48% of selected staff participated in the survey, which is an increase of 5% from 2014 and 7% above the national average of 41%.

The survey results acknowledge all feedback from staff including the positive improvements and also areas which the Trust can work on further.

Claire Molloy, Chief Executive said, “I’m really encouraged by the staff survey results issued today.  Over the last couple of years we have invested a great deal of time in engaging with our staff, developing with them a shared vision for the future and values to guide how we work with each other and our patients.  We have been talking about our values of kindness, fairness, ambition and spirit with our staff through ‘you and the big picture’ and also implemented improvement tools such as ‘listening into action’ which really focus on enabling our frontline staff to implement ideas that they know will work for our patients.

“I know that if we get things right for our staff, then we get it right for our patients.  As we move into increasingly challenging times for the NHS, it is more important than ever that we keep focussed on building our staff engagement.” 

The results also show areas that need to be improved for example flexible working and improving communication between senior management and staff and we will work on these over the coming year as we continue our commitment to staff engagement and improvement.

Claire added: “The staff survey is important because it helps us gauge whether what we are doing is effective and where we need to place more emphasis. Overall it is a very positive picture and I would like to thank those staff who took part in the survey as we will use the feedback to help us improve the support we offer to our staff for the ultimate benefit of our patients.”

You can see the full survey results here

The NHS Staff Survey is recognised as an important tool that hears the voice of NHS staff which in return helps create areas of improvement to enhance the working and delivery of care.