Success Regime extends period of engagement

The Cumbria Success Regime and its health community partners have decided to extend the current period of engagement on emerging ideas for the future of healthcare in West, North and East Cumbria.

The local health community had provisionally planned to begin formal public consultation in July 2016 but the engagement programme will now be extended until after the summer holidays.

The health community’s extensive engagement programme has already included public meetings, staff drop-in events, workshops, hundreds of online responses and a travelling consultation vehicle visiting communities around West, North and East Cumbria.  In total views have been received from over 7,000 people.

Sir Neil McKay, chair of the programme board for the West, North and East Cumbria Success Regime, said:

“We know that NHS England would like more information about our plans and we have been listening to communities across Cumbria. As a result, we have jointly decided with NHS England to allow a few extra weeks for discussions with key stakeholders and NHS staff, and to fully understand the impact of our proposals on the population, patients, the workforce and the financial position.

“Over the course of our recent engagement programme it has become clear that people still have a number of questions about some of our emerging ideas but we have also heard a lot of support for much of our emerging thinking.  We sense, for example, there is widespread support for greater health and social care integration, for greater use of tele-medicine, for more emphasis upon preventing ill health and for strategies designed to help older people to continue to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

“A number of people – including some of our local MPs and council leaders – have told us they would like a little more time to better understand some aspects of our emerging thinking such as the development of Integrated Care Communities.

“I want to make clear today that we are listening and the proof is the fact that we have decided not to go straight into consultation – as originally planned – but to allow a few extra weeks for discussions with key stakeholders.

“We do not now plan to begin consultation until after August and over the coming couple of months we will be publishing a new progress report on our emerging thinking and holding three wide-ranging stakeholder meetings.  We will be inviting MPs, council leaders, voluntary organisations, patient groups and campaign groups to send representatives to these stakeholder meetings.”


The Success Regime and the local health community will use the next few weeks to reflect on the wealth of information it has gathered during the engagement programme and to ensure the greatest possible understanding of their developing ideas.