The Maryport Alliance unveils counter proposals for their hospital.

A group of people all passionate about the future of Maryport hopsital have worked together to show that the closure of the beds in thier hospital isn't the only option for the town.

They have worked together to draft alternative proposals to those in the public consultation.

The Maryport Alliance was born following opposition to the proposals relating to the future of Maryport Hospital in the Healthcare for the Future Public Consultation.

The Alliance is made up of members of the community, the local GP services, the Ewanrigg Local Trust, Maryport League of Friends, the Save our Beds campaign, Town Councillors, local residents, and Maryport Community Hospital’s nursing team.

Since the beginning of the consultation the Alliance has worked together in partnership to come up with viable alternative proposals for the hospital other than those laid out in the public consultation document.

Dr Dan Berkeley said: “I believe these proposals not only suggest a much more vibrant hospital for the future is possible but they also address the serious issues that currently face the hospital including staffing and finances.”

Bill Barnes added: “We have two options in here both of which maintain some of the beds in the hospital. The Save Our Beds Group prefer option one as this includes overnight beds. As a partnership we have looked carefully at what is needed in Maryport and how the hospital can be used to meet that need. There are currently far too many people travelling outside the town to receive care, care that could easily be provided in our wonderful hospital. Half of the town’s health budget is spent outside the town – we need to change that.”

Kate Whitmarsh said: “I think what the work of the Maryport Alliance has shown is that by communities working together with the various health services  we can not only find alternatives to what we have now but we can improve and make our services much more relevant for the people in our communities. If we retain the current level of investment into health in Maryport; if we can work in a more joined up way and commission services more effectively and if we, the local community, have more influence over health provision I really believe that the work of the Alliance could be very exciting. I hope that the Success Regime look seriously at our proposals and give support to them.

Please read the proposals that have been put forward by the Maryport Alliance.