Ways to Wellbeing Workshops

What gets in the way of our wellbeing?   

Stress is common and we will all experience it at times. Not all stress is bad for us but when it gets out of balance it can have a negative effect. The effect may be physical (e.g. poor sleep, muscle tension), emotional (e.g. low mood, being irritable), on thinking (e.g. negative thoughts, worry excessively) or behaviour (e.g. avoid situations).

The Ways to Wellbeing course aims to give you some ideas for practical actions you can use in your everyday life to maintain your own wellbeing.

The course will introduce you to:

Goal setting skills
Problem solving skills
5 Areas approach – linking thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physical symptoms to help identify vicious cycles that undermine wellbeing.
Practical ideas to manage stress, worry and mood

Workshops are offered regularly across the county, please ring 0300 123 9122 if you are interested.

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