World Mental Health day 2018

On World Mental Health day the NHS in Cumbria are highlighting how people can access services to help care for their mental health.

Mental ill health often starts in young adulthood. Which is why this year’s focus is on young people and mental health in a changing world

It’s vital that we give young people access to the support they need to grow up happy, healthy and resilient. 

In support of World Mental Health Day  Mental Health First Aid England  have launched a new set of resources for young people’s wellbeing: the #HandsUp4HealthyMinds toolkit. Please share this toolkit so we can help our young people look after their mental health.

The World Health Organisation has made these resources available for advice for young people and mental health.

It has been estimated that approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year but only 1 in 8 adults are receiving treatment.

Many of us put a lot of effort into our physical health but it is crucial to remember that having a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body, is just as important.

When we enjoy good mental health, we have a sense of purpose and direction, the energy to do the things we want to do, and the ability to deal with the challenges that happen in our lives. 

Richard Thwaites is the clinical lead for the NHS service First step which offers support for adults with mild to moderate mental health conditions. He explains why it is important that we acknowledge world mental health day and also the support that is a available across the county for adults who may be struggling:

“World Mental Health Day gives us all a focus to think about the mental health of those around us and our own. The world can feel like quite an uncertain place at the moment and many people can find this uncertainty difficult to deal with. We know that a difficulty tolerating uncertainty can feed into many common anxiety disorders, we also know that many people are struggling financially; another pressure that can make it harder to maintain a sense of wellbeing and avoid mental health problems developing.

“Here in Cumbria, services for adults with common mental health problems  such as depression or anxiety disorders such as OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, panic attacks, phobia and chronic worry) have a range of treatment options available to them across the whole county.

“First Step provides support in a number of different ways to make them as accessible as possible.

“Although most people choose face-to-face psychological therapy, we are also seeing a growing number of people who choose to access online guided self-help through First Step and for those individuals the outcomes are as good as for face-to-face therapy.

“This computer based therapy means that people have the advantage of being able to do these in your own home at any time of day and then receive feedback and guidance from a trained NHS member of staff. Please see the webpage for more details at:

World Mental Health Day is an annual event, supported by health care and third sector organisations around the globe, including mental health charity Mind. The Mindline Cumbria is available 12noon-9pm Mon-Fri and 5-9pm Sat on 0300 561 0000 for anyone who would like support with mental health issues.

You are able to self refer to First Step or your GP can refer you details are on our website:

Here are ten tips from the Mental Health Foundation on how to look after your mental health:

  1. Talk about your feelings
  2. Keep active
  3. Eat well
  4. Drink sensibly
  5. Keep in touch
  6. Ask for help
  7. Take a break
  8. Do something you’re good at
  9. Accept who you are
  10. Care for others

Remember, you’re not alone. Sharing a problem can be the first step and can really help. For more information visit: