Child Development Services

Child Development Services are mutli-disciplinary teams made up a number of services who work together to help support children aged 0-18 years with learning disabilities, austism, physical disabilities or any kind of sensory impairment (such as blindness and deafness). The teams are based in Child Development Centres across the county.

What can we offer?

Across Cumbria there are Child Development Centres catering to the needs of the children and their families.

Children can start to attend as soon as it is clear that support is required, for babies with inherited problems this can be at only a few months.  Staff also provide support for parents because it can take time to adjust to having a child with special needs.

Sometimes problems can be identified through routine check by the health visitors. They, or their GP, would then refer to the Consultant Community Paediatrician, who in turn would see the child/parents and then refer on to the most suitable service for the child. Older children are usually offered a formal assessment before being invited to attend the intervention sessions.
During the assessment, the children may be seen by the speech therapist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Afterwards parents and staff together devise a care plan for the child, if this is appropriate. They may continue to see the individual therapists at separate clinics or in the community, if necessary.

What parents have said about the service:

The staff gave good friendly and professional care

How to contact us

We are happy to discuss whether a referral would be appropriate. Please contact the office base nearest you:

Carlisle and Eden

Community Paediatrics
Springboard Child Development Centre
Orton Road
Tel 01228 608112

Allerdale and Copeland

Footsteps Child Development Centre
West Cumberland Hospital
CA28 8JG
Tel 01946 68550

Howgill Children's Centre
15 Howgill Street
CA28 7QW
Tel 01946 62681

Minto Children's Centre
Nilsson Drive
CA14 5BD
Tel 01900 66946

Derwent Valley Children’s Centre Keswick
Trinity Way
CA12 4HZ
Tel 017687 75048

South Lakes and Furness

Atkinson health Centre
Market Street
LA14 2LR
Tel 01229 845953