Children Looked After

There is a multi-disciplinary team whose role is to ensure that children who are Looked After have their health needs identified and a Health Care Plan put in place. The team aims to ensure any Health needs are identified and all the support and advice needed regarding their health is available to them.

Children Looked After can also be signposted to any appropriate services they may need

An Initial Health Assessment is completed by a Community Paediatrician and a health plan is put in place for each child within 28 days of a child becoming looked after. Review health assessment are then offered for children 0- 5 years old, 6 monthly and annually for children and young people aged 5-17 years old. Following the health assessment arrangements are made for the referrals and appropriate support is given for those children with more complex needs.

The review health assessments are carried out by nurses and health visitors to identify current health needs and the health care plan is updated.

The assessments are:

  • An opportunity for children to discuss any issues which are worrying them
  • A chance for children to be seen by a doctor/nurse at a place and time that they have chosen
  • The chance to develop a Health Care Plan with the child's agreement and share with those involved in their care
  • A time for the child to have a confidential chat, about any worries or concerns that they may have about their individual health issues

The children have the right to confidentiality. Their discussion with the doctor/nurse at the health assessment is private and confidential.

Information will only be shared on the Health Care Plan with their consent. 16 and 17 year olds will have the opportunity to determine what information about them goes into their health passport to take with them as they leave care.

However, if the child tells the nurse that they or someone else is being harmed or hurt, in order to help stop this happening they would have to tell certain people. The doctor/nurse would discuss this with the child first.

Children can contact their local service by:

  • Asking their carer or social worker to contact us on their behalf
  • Contact us themselves.

What parents have said about this service:

The nurse is great with the children and really listens to you, and she does what she says she will do to help.

Contact: Children Looked After Team Co-Ordinator can be reached on 01228 608114

Children Looked After Team (Cumbria)
Wigton Hospital
Cross Lane
CA7 9DD   

We can link children to the right service, talk to them on the telephone or meet face-to-face if preferred.