Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Team deliver a holistic health service to families including parents/carers, children and/or young people, aged pre-birth to 18 and in some instances to age 25, that according to the Cumbria LSCB multi-agency threshold guidance require a statutory intervention.

The service brings together the following three services:-

  • The Partnership Plus element of the 0-19 Health Child Programme
  • Children Looked After Specialist Health Services
  • Health expertise contribution to the multi-agency Safeguarding Hub

It is anticipated that by bringing these services together opportunity will be created to improve health outcomes for families by:-

  • Having a named health worker for each eligible family.
  • Providing a whole family offer to service users.
  • Improving continuity of care to service users by flexibly responding to changing levels of need and supporting their transition to other services.
  • Providing an integrated health offer into the Cumbria Safeguarding Hub
  • Working in close partnership with multi-agency staff based in localities
  • Supporting the strategic development of Integrated Care Communities (ICC’s)

Qualified nurses, health visitors and public health and wellbeing nurses will be working with families from locality bases across the county as senior practitioners to deliver the Strengthening Families Service.