Tuberculosis (TB) Nursing Service

The TB Nursing Services provides screening for at risk groups and provides home nursing service for children and young people aged 0-18 years old. Referrals are taken through GP services, health visitors or school nurses.

Cumbria has a specialist TB Nursing team who work to;

  • Identify cases of TB.
  • Support people receiving treatment for the condition.
  • Screen family and others who've come into close contact with TB patients.
  • Screen new entrants to the UK from high risk countries.
  • Give vaccinations to babies and children at risk.

When a person is diagnosed with the condition they will be assigned a contact nurse from the specialist TB nursing team who liaise with them over a six month period and check that they are responding to treatment.

What are the symptoms of Tuberculosis in children?

Many children (up to half) will not have any symptoms. Those that do are likely to have:

  • a low grade fever (38°C) which continues over weeks rather than days
  • cough which persists for three weeks or more

What should I do if I think a child has Tuberculosis?

If you are concerned about the health of any child you should ask for advice from your health visitor, school nurse or GP.

A number of tests may be carried out to see if the child / young adult has Tuberculosis and to decide if they are infectious to others. Other family members and friends will screened to try and find out if the child is likely to have caught the TB and if anyone else is infected.

NHS Choice has more information about Tuberculosis (TB)