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Our mental health services support people who are experiencing difficulties in their day to day lives due to mental health problems. They aim to support people to recover and live as independently as possible.

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Tea & Talk Monday 10th OctoberDova UnitSam Dearman

FirstStep Mental Health Services

Feeling Anxious or Stressed - Get in touch with First Step

“I felt worse and worse each day until eventually I was struggling to even get to work. First Step helped me to understand my depression and change the way I think and feel - now I’m back to my old self.”

National Stress Awareness day: case study

This year's theme is Stress: The Balancing Act. Most people are aware that it is often difficult to keep the balance right in terms of work, play and lifestyle.

Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act 1983 covers the rights, assessment and treatment of people experiencing mental health needs. 

Mental Health Conference Summary

The conference which was jointly hosted by Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust kick started a project funded via NHS England - Become a Dementia Friend‎

Understand a bit more about dementia, and the little ways you can help.

Ways to Wellbeing Workshops

As an alternative to individual talking therapies we also have Ways to Wellbeing Workshops which you might be offered at assesment. Some people prefer the idea of learning new skills in a group alongside other people with similar problems, this can help them to feel less alone and more supported.

Mental Health Service Users experiencing better care

From Our Mental Health Team Mental Health Service Users experiencing better care

A survey of mental health service users in Cumbria has shown significant improvements in the care and treatment received.

Exploring the history of the Garlands and Mental Health Care in Cumbria

From Our Mental Health Team Exploring the history of the Garlands and Mental Health Care in Cumbria

The history of The Cumberland & Westmorland Joint Lunatic Asylum, also known as The Garlands Hospital, was the focus of a recent event