Amaze Early Intervention Service

It’s natural for people to experience mood changes for any number of reasons; but for some people it might be a sign that they’re developing a psychosis. People who experience psychosis may lose touch with reality and may not be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not. Their thoughts can become muddled and they may see, hear, smell or feel something that isn’t really there.

Psychosis usually begins when people are young. Use of cannabis increases the risk of it developing. Emerging psychosis can lead to poor sleep, panic and mood changes and it can significantly impact upon people’s general wellbeing leading to social withdrawal, isolation, job loss or breakdown in relationships.

Research shows that if people experiencing psychosis for the first time are given help early, their ability to manage their lives is greatly improved. We engage with people on their own terms and focus on enabling people to achieve their own goals including support for education,  employment and housing.

Our Amaze service assesses people aged between 14 and 65 to see if the service is right for them. This means a convenient appointment will be arranged at which we’ll share more information about the service and other useful information. After a few sessions we can decide if the service is right, and if it is we will offer support from our A-Maze team for up to 3 years to the person and their family or carers.

Amaze can be accessed via your GP or you can contact your Community Mental Health Assessment and Recovery Team

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