Cumbria Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. This is because your pancreas does not produce any insulin, or not enough, to help glucose enter your body’s cells – or the insulin that is produced does not work properly (known as insulin resistance).

There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.

The DESMOND diabetes course will be offered to those with type 2 diabetes within

4-8 weeks of diagnosis. It takes a full day.

The DAFNE course will be offered to those with type 1 diabetes within 3-12 months of diagnosis. This course takes five days.

Both courses are delivered to a small group by specialist healthcare professionals, and carers can attend.

Managing your condition

Early diagnosis, treatment and good control of your diabetes is vital to reduce the chances of developing diabetic complications.

If your diabetes is not managed correctly it can have negative effects on your eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves and feet. Support from your GP or specialist nurse, the DESMOND or DAFNE course as well as speaking to other people with diabetes will help you to develop a healthy diet, keep active and maintain your health.

Routine health checks

If you have diabetes you will have the routine checks, listed below, at least once a year shortly before your annual review consultation. You will be sent the results before you meet your GP so that you can think about what you want to discuss. At the review you will look at the results of your routine monitoring checks, jointly plan your care for the next year, explore your ideas and concerns, discuss ideas about the best way to manage your diabetes, and consider your objectives and ambitions for the next 12 months.

  • Blood HbA1c: A blood check that shows your blood glucose control over the last three months. Your sample is sent away for analysis.
  • Weight: Checked at least annually.
  • Feet: A check of blood circulation, sensation and any problems in your feet.
  • Kidneys: A sample of urine will be analysed to monitor your kidney function.
  • Eyes: A check for signs of bleeding in the retina (diabetic retinopathy)
  • Blood Pressure: Checked at least annually.

This is done by a specialist at a local clinic. If you are due for an appointment and have not heard from the booking centre you can ring 0845 658 3131.


If you have any questions about diabetes and how to manage your condition, please speak to the healthcare professional treating you. Information is also available from Diabetes UK on 020 7424 1000

Walking Away from Diabetes

‘Walking Away' is a programme designed to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. It is especially suited for people with:

  • impaired glucose tolerance
  • impaired fasting glycaemia
  • a high diabetes risk score.

It is a three hour programme, developed within the NHS by DESMOND national programme. It is delivered to up to 10 people (who may be accompanied by a partner, family member or friend) by trained educators in a variety of community venues. The programme has been shown to demonstrate a 30-60% reduction in the risk of progression to Type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals.

Cumbria Diabetes Service User Group

The Cumbria Diabetes Service User group is a group of people who live in Cumbria and have diabetes or care for someone with diabetes.  Its role is to:

  • Be a voice for the diabetic community in Cumbria
  • Influence changes to the diabetes service in Cumbria.
  • Use relevant information to monitor the performance of the diabetes service in Cumbria.
  • Have contact with the individuals who lead the services that are linked to the diabetes service, e.g. retinal screening, podiatry etc.

The group's role is to act as a link between patients/support groups and NHS Cumbria to ensure that the diabetes services in the county are influenced by the needs and views of people with diabetes and those who care for them, and to represent patient's views to the NHS where appropriate. The group was able to comment on the development of the new Cumbria Diabetes service.

The group would be delighted to hear from people with diabetes.  Feedback from service users is very important. So if you would like to tell us about anything about the service you're received from the diabetes service in Cumbria, both good and bad experiences, or if you have any issues connected to diabetes care that you would like the group to raise with NHS Cumbria please get in touch. Please contact Wendy Forster on 07920577479 or email

If you are interested in joining this group please contact Wendy Forster at the GP & Stakeholder Team Telephone 07920 577479

Cumbria Diabetes receives national NHS award

From Our Specialist Services Team Cumbria Diabetes receives national NHS award

Cumbria Diabetes has received a prestigious national award for its delivery of an education programme for people with Type 2 diabetes