Pregnancy Testing

You can carry out most pregnancy tests from the first day of a missed period. If you don’t know when your next period is due, do the test at least 21 days after you last had unprotected sex.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy

For women who have a regular monthly menstrual cycle, the earliest and most reliable sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Sometimes pregnant women may have a very light period, losing only a little blood.

Other signs include:

•Feeling sick
•Feeling tired
•Sore breasts
•Peeing more often
•Strange tastes, smells and cravings.

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Fertility and Conception

Fertility & Conception

Fertility Facts

Fertility Self Assessment

Pregnancy Termination Referral

You cab be referred to a pregnancy termination service by your G.P., local sexual health clinic or you can contact them directly. For more information click on the link below: