Equality Impact Assessments

Like all public bodies the Trust has a statutory duty under the Public Sector Equality Duty to analyse the effect of its policies, services and functions on the workforce and service users and to publish the results of the analysis and evidence information used.

The purpose of an equality impact assessment is the ensure that our services, policies and practices do not directly, indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally discriminate against the users of our services or our staff. Where a negative impact is found, we will mitigate the impact through the development and implementation of equality improvement plans.

Undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) enables us to consider the impact of each current and proposed service, policy, procedure or function, not only with regard to ethnicity, disability, age and gender, but also in relation to religion and belief, sexual orientation, and human rights. It is designed to ensure that ‘due regard’ is given to equality in relation to our service users and the manner in which we recruit, train and develop our staff.

To obtain a copy of an Equality Impact Assessment, please contact:

Workforce Futures and Inclusion
Voreda House
Portland Place
CA11 7QQ
Phone: 01768 245415
Email equality@cumbria.nhs.uk

Equality and Quality Impact Assessment (EQIA)