Governors Council Responsibilities

All Governors are invited to a Governors Council which takes place every 2 months. The Governors' Council has key responsibilities including:

  • To hold the Non-Executive Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Board of Directors
  • To represent the interests of the members of the Foundation Trust as a whole and the interests of the public
  • The appointment and removal of the Chair, Vice Chair and other Non-Executive Directors
  • Through the Nominations Committee to review the numbers and composition of Non-Executive Directors on the Board, deciding periods of appointment and remuneration and agreeing appraisal process and outcomes
  • Appointing or removing the Trust's external auditors
  • Commenting on the Trust's draft annual plan
  • Reviewing the membership strategy
  • Reviewing the constitution, which governs the activities of the Trust.  There is a range of other areas of activity of Governors Council involvement and this is likely to expand as the Trust develops, and according to individual Governor interests.
  • The Governors' Council has two sub-committees which consider certain issues and feedback

Nominations Committee

  • Regularily reviews the structure, size and composition of the Non-Executive Directors on the Board, to reflect the expertise and experience required to govern the Trust
  • To keep the leadership requirements of the Trust under review to ensure the continued ability to provide high quality, safe and cost effective, appropriate patient centred services
  • To review the remuneration levels and allowances of Non-Executive Directors, including the Chair, at least once every three years 
  • Identifies suitable candidates for Non-Executive and Chair vacancies, undertakes interviews and makes recommendations of appointment to the Governors Council

Governors Advisory Committee

  • Advises the Company Secretary on planning Governors Council meetings
  • Determines Governors' training and development needs
  • Reviews proposed amendments to the Constitution
  • Involvement in the strategic direction of the Trust
  • Advises on appropriate structures to ensure that business is carried out effectively
  • Keeps the Membership Strategy under review and reports to the Governors Council 
  • Advises the Governors Council on the report to be made at the Annual Members’ meeting
  • Works with the Engagement and Communications Team to promote good communications with members and to enable members' views to be heard
  • Ensures that any member publication contains relevant and appropriate information on Trust developments and the work of the Governors Council