Meet our Governors

Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth Freeman

Public Governor

Term Expires: 2019

Elizabeth was elected in September 2016 for a 3 year term.

A Governor; supports the community through the ages.  Mental health, children, families, specialised support services and their advancement.
Governors support the community, both young and older members, as above and support services are especially essential to us all.  They need a lot of help with support from the Trust, especially for the older community who live by themselves with no family to help.  We need more preventative help care in future to help the Trust and NHS.  Need easy access and not off bus routes etc.  Help for the community who are afraid of computers to use the Trust site and become involved in their care and realising how big an area for the staff to cover.

Having being a patient, I know full well how busy staff are, we have to realise this and help in our own return to a satisfactory outcome rather than disregarding advice.  Patients must question, why? When not understanding advice.  Doing this helps the staff and patients to be positive in their outlook, to better quality, happier, friendly service and efficiency on both sides.

For me selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership with all are paramount in being a Governor.  Otherwise I would be of no use to myself or community by becoming a Governor.  I will do my best for all, both rural, villages, towns and city of Cumbria. Thank you for voting for me.