Meet our Governors

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Staff/Lead Governor

Term Expires: 2020

I’m your Lead Governor linking you to the Board so • Your voice is heard • Your commitment is seen

I'm an Allied Health Professional by background and am passionate about getting a fair deal for all staff groups and patients. I live and work locally and am determined to make sure the best services are available within the community for our families. I want to keep letting the Board know what is getting in the way of us caring in the local community we all love.

I'm a carer for a son with chronic ill-health. I'll make sure that as staff, we can work in partnership to deliver the best quality care together locally - especially when our patients have complex needs that are 'shared' between Care Groups. I'm determined to let the Board understand the impact change has on us and for us to be seen as the solution.

As Lead Governor I've worked tirelessly on your behalf for the past 5 years. For example, with our departing Chief Executive to develop the Trust values of kindness, fairness, ambition and spirit.  I will work tirelessly with our new Chief Executive and Chairperson to make sure we are all treated with the same kindness we show to our patients and service users when coming to work.