Meet our Governors

Patricia Turton

Patricia Turton

Public Governor

Term Expires: 2019

Patricia was elected unopposed in September 2016 for a 3 year term.

I think I could make a valuable contribution to the Foundation Trust by being keen, interested and caring.

I spend a lot of time in hospitals both for myself and my husband so I have experience of both the patient and the helper side of things.  Sometimes I have ideas which could make things easier for both sides.  I also know the procedures of committees as I served on the Parish Council for 10 years, am on the P.C.C. at church, am treasurer for the Mother’s Union and the over 60’s & am on the village hall committee.  I also owned the local Post Office for 10 years & did relief postmistress for a further 10 years.  So I am used to discussing things with other people which I enjoy and think I can bring something to the governors.  I acheived a degree in psychology with Open University in October 2017.

I am interested in what happens to the Mental Health departments.  Also how the finances are divided.  I come to the hospital every 5th week to take patients down to the chapel so I am used to talking to patients.

I meet a lot of different people in my social life so I could bring ideas of how people view hospital experiences.  If I have any ideas I am capable of bringing them up in front of committees and I am quite good at listening to other people’s ideas.