Meet our Governors

Peter Farrell

Peter Farrell

Staff Governor

Term Expires: 2019

Peter was elected unopposed in September 2016 for a 3 year term.

I will listen, observe, interpret and act on issues that I believe need addressing, until it is successfully resolved.

I would like to make a positive contribution for clients, and carers, who have Mental Health issues. As a parent of an adult daughter who has required help at various times over the last 15 years, I have seen one side of the care given, especially in the community. I have worked for the Trust for 6 years and now have an alternative insight into how the service works.

I therefore would like to take part in ensuring clients, and their carers get the best care available both in and out of hospital. I also feel I can support colleagues in the role of staff governor.

I am interested in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, from a quicker access to relevant services initially, and then the later transition from inpatient care to care in the community, ensuring the relevant after care from specific agencies on a regular basis.

30 years police service has given me the ability to take a step back, evaluate what I see then act upon it. Working for the Trust for 6 years in a support role, I have come into contact with colleagues from many different roles, and can understand how they work. I am tenacious and if I see issues which need addressing, will follow it up. I am friendly and approachable and will listen to anyone's problems, and act upon them.