Meet our Governors

Tricia Goldwater

Tricia Goldwater

Staff Governor

Term Expires: 2019

Tricia was elected as a Staff Governor for Allerdale and Copeland in September 2013 and re-elected unopposed in September 2016 for a further 3 year term.

Tricia is a member of the Mental Health Special Interest Group.

As a carer and staff member Tricia wants to ensure that the NHS maintains a high standard of quality services and support for us all.   By listening, supporting & communicating the needs of the local community and in listening to the views of the NHS staff at ground level, we can all then promote a better understanding of the opinions and changes needing to be transformed. Tricia wants an NHS to be proud of that is there to help every family now and in the future.

Since 1989 Tricia has worked for the Hospice, Community Nursing, Community Young Disabled Service and on Wards. Her current role is an Assistant Practitioner with the Community Rehab / Therapy Services. She is an Equality & Diversity representative for the Trust and a CQC link for the Rehab Service. Tricia also works with the local care homes to monitor, audit and review walking aids equipment.