Patient Information

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and North Cumbria NHS Trust produce a wide range of information leaflets for patients, relatives and carers. These are now produced in easily printable A4 Factsheets found in this section of the website. This database will be updated with new and revised patient factsheets as they become available.

These A4 factsheets are designed to be easily printed as required. If you print these factsheets, please consider changing your print settings to black and white to save ink. 

Accessibility - Translations and Audio 

All our factsheets can be translated or read out loud using the Browsealoud feature on this website. 
78 languages; speak translated text aloud in 35 languages.

If you would like any factsheet in another format, for example Braille, large print or audio, please call: 01228 603890  Email: Or write to: Engagement and Communications Voreda House | Portland Place | Penrith | CA11 7QQ

The information we produce is intended for patients and carers, so we would like to know your opinions on whether it meets your needs and what could be improved.  If you would like to provide feedback, please contact us using the details above.

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