CQUIN stands for ‘Commissioning for Quality and Innovation'. It was introduced by the Department of Health in order to financially incentivise healthcare Providers to improve the quality of what they deliver.

In practice what it means is that 2.5% of the total value of the Trust's block contracts with Commissioners rely on the achievement of a range of stretching and challenging CQUIN measures. The money is ‘held back' until CQUIN measures are achieved.

So, in 2014/15 that means there is a need to achieve the various CQUIN measures in order to earn an additional £3 million of income. If CQUIN isn't achieved, the Trust effectively loses a proportion of the money which is used to pay for the work the Trust does. 

CQUIN measures should by definition be challenging. They generally focus on a range of issues such as :

  • improving speed of access into services
  • ensuring more joined up working both within the organisation and with other providers
  • ensuring we treat individuals holistically across mental and physical health
  • knowing what our service users think and improving things where necessary

The Trust Board as well as our Commissioners place great value on using CQUIN to improve patient and carer experience. Previous experience shows that CQUIN can be a valuable tool to improve service delivery.