Declarations of interests, including hospitality and gifts

The NHS has a duty to show that taxpayers money is being spent fairly and effectively. We must be open and transparent about how we spend our money and how we make the decisions to spend money. This includes any money or items that we are gifted or hospitality we receive and give.

Before new guidance the trust only needed to publish the declared interests of non-executive and executive level staff but they have not been the only ones influencing and making decision about how money is spent.

NHS England has published guidance in 2017 that aims to address this.  It gives further clarity over what should be declared and extends the requirement for publication of interests to those identified as Decision Making Staff. 

As part of alignment with North Cumbria University Hospitals trust, a joint policy has been developed, with shared processes,  that adopts the guidance.  This is being implemented during 2018- 2019.

Refer to the Joint Standards of Business Conduct Policy for further detail. 

The current published information is as follows: 

Declarations of interests made by Decision Making Staff - this includes individuals with differing employment terms with the Trust.

Declaration of Monies Received- this includes gifts, hospitality, donations and sponsorship.